Try These Tips for Treating Your TMJ Disorder

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Does your jaw cause you intense pain or becomes stiff throughout the day? Do you hear noises your jaw makes as you move it? If this sounds like you, you could be experiencing temporomandibular joint disorder, which needs to be addressed and treated to reduce your pain and restore the health of your jaw. That is why, our dentists, Dr. Joseph Solomon, and Dr. Jared Solomon with Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C. in Melrose, Massachusetts, are pleased to share some tips for treating your aching jaw.

Tips for treating TMJ disorder include:

– Two highly effective oral appliances that can help treat TMJ disorders include bite guards and night plates. They can be received by visiting your dentist for an oral examination.

– A TMJ disorder may be caused by consistently putting too much pressure on your jaw either by your eating habits or the addition of stressful activities in your life. Because stress is such a common risk factor for a TMJ disorder, try to relax as much as possible and implement calming music into your life. Yoga has also proven to be beneficial.

– Arthritis and misalignments with your jaw can lead to TMJ disorders.

– TMJ disorders are often the result of an underlying condition such as bruxism, which occurs when you unconsciously grind and gnash your teeth.

– In order to keep your jaw safe from the risks of TMJ disorders, eat softer foods and practice exercises designed to keep your jaw safe.

If you are experiencing intense jaw pain and need additional help, then please call us today at 781-665-5222 to set up an appointment with an experienced member of our team. Our dental team is happy to assist you with your TMJ’s and looks forward to setting you on a treatment plan to help you.