How We Treat Dry Mouth

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Can you cure dry mouth? Regrettably, curing dry mouth is not possible. We’re terribly sorry if you’re suffering from dry mouth, and we will do all we can to aid you manage it. The following are a few things you should know about xerostomia.

The goal of xerostomia treatment is to detect its causes, address them and avoid further complications. Xerostomia can be addressed in numerous ways, and Dr. David Solomon will help you to choose the greatest option for your circumstance. This will probably include prescribing a saliva substitute or working with your doctors to prescribe meds that don’t have the side effect of producing dry mouth.

Xerostomia is a dental condition where the oral cavity feels dry continually. It grows from a shortage of saliva production, and it can be caused by meds, medical conditions, radiation and more. To treat xerostomia, your doctor might prescribe a spit substitute. Xerostomia can cause dangerous side effects such as severe dental discomfort and trouble speaking, chewing, swallowing and breathing. Dr. David Solomon inspects patients for xerostomia during each visit at Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C..

From the entire team at Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C., we want to say we’re sorry if you’re dealing with dry mouth, and we want to help. Please visit our Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C. office in Melrose, Massachusetts, or schedule your next checkup with Dr. David Solomon by calling 781-665-5222 now so we can begin helping you out.