Get a Biannual Oral Cancer Exam Today!

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The risks of oral cancer seem to be in many common day occurrences if not seen to properly. Our office here in Melrose, Massachusetts, is committed to giving our patients a thorough oral cancer screening exam. This includes a close look and feel in the gums, lips, neck, and cheek areas to make sure there are no indications of oral cancer or any other issues.

Many causes of oral cancer can include:

– Smoking or tobacco use,
– Excessive alcohol use,
– Overexposure of the sun,
– Chemicals in the surrounding area,
– Malnutrition and not enough exercise,
– Infections left untreated, or
– Inherited mutations, immune disorders, or hormones.

Your dentist checks all the areas near your neck and mouth to ensure cancerous tissues are not growing. This may be in the form of constant discoloration, painful sores, or pain in the back of the throat, ears, or your bite. Another indication is an unexplained feeling in the back of your throat. Extremes symptoms include unexplained bleeding, trouble swallowing, or trouble breathing should be attended to immediately by medics.

Be informed about prevention tips so you can protect not only yourself but your children as well. Call Dr. David Solomon and his dental professionals at 781-665-5222 to receive a consultation or schedule an appointment for a checkup. Your biannual visits to Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C. will help identify oral cancer and stop it today!