CEREC®: A New Pathway to Restoring Your Smile

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Dental technology is improving each and every day. Dentists around the world want to have top-of-the-line technology to help you have the strong and successful oral health you deserve. This is why your dentist, Dr. David Solomon, uses CEREC® technology.

CEREC is a high-tech dental machine that can create your dental crown. This is quite handy because it can craft a crown that is perfect for your smile, which means he can also shade it to match the surrounding teeth and make it fit snugly over your tooth. It’s also handy because the crown can be created during your dental appointment at Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C., which is very convenient, considering the traditional dental crown-making process involves waiting days or even weeks for an off-site dental lab technician to craft the dental crown. With the help of CEREC, you can have a strong and reliable dental crown in one quick appointment.

This machine operates in a simple and efficient manner. It uses a picture of your tooth and smile to create a dental crown that is best for your oral health and function. Then, it will spend time shading the material to make it look completely natural. Once it’s done designing the crown, it will make your crown. When it’s done, your dentist will cement it over your tooth to give you the results you desire.

For more information and details about CEREC in Melrose, Massachusetts, please contact Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C. at 781-665-5222 at your earliest convenience. When you reach out to our dental team, we will be thrilled to help you!