Are You Suffering from Tooth Sensitivity? Follow these Guidelines to Get Relief

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No one wants to hurt when they eat ice cream or other cold foods and drinks. If you’ve been dealing with sensitive teeth, read today’s blog to seek out the relief you desire!

There are a few culprits in tooth sensitivity, which includes:

– Enamel Breakage, which can be caused from tooth decay, fractured tooth structure, and worn-away enamel or fillings
– Periodontal disease, which may also cause sensitivity, since receding gums expose the tooth’s root, and if left untreated, can result in plaque and tartar
– Tooth sensitivity – either from genetics or trauma, such as having a lot of dental work done

Once Dr. David Solomon discovers the reason for your tooth sensitivity, he can determine an effective treatment plan and get you relief, even eliminating the tooth sensitivity for good. You can do some treatment at home, and when you visit Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C., we can send you home with a prescription from the dentist that may contain high levels of sodium fluoride you can use while brushing. You can also purchase special kinds of toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Using these at-home remedies help, because they include applying a protective film on your enamel, which helps protect the dentin, hopefully diminishing your sensitivity in the long run.

Our office treatments also include fluoride that the dentist can apply to help sea microscopic openings in your dentin called tubules, and other chemicals that form crystals in these tubules. These remedies help seal off the area and reduce sensitivity. If these remedies should fail to work, a root canal may be your best. Visit our office or call us at 781-665-5222 for an appointment about tooth sensitivity in Melrose, Massachusetts.