The Keys to a Great Smile: Tooth Hazard Prevention and Treatments

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Have you ever thought about any activities or risks in your life that could be causing damage to your teeth and gums? Have you ever thought about tooth hazard risks in your life and how they could be potentially putting your teeth and gums at further risk of dental damage? Not only should you be worried about your oral hygiene care, but you should also be aware of products in your diet that can damage your teeth as well.

Although you may exercise caution with your diet by eating a healthy, nutritious meal on a daily basis, be aware that various products can still lead to extreme tooth hazard risks. By chewing on ice or biting into cough drops, you run the risk of damaging your teeth and lacerating your gums. Instead, avoid biting into products that may be too hard for your teeth to handle.

In addition to your diet, exercise caution with lifestyle choices that routinely put your smile at risk. Not only should you avoid extreme oral health risks associated with contact sports and a failure to wear oral appliances, but you should also be aware that by wearing mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue piercings can lead you to several oral health risks as well. Protect your smile by wearing the necessary safety equipment and avoiding mouth jewelry whenever possible.

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