The Advantages of Different Teeth Whitening Methods

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On a microscopic level, your tooth enamel has microscopic textures in the mineral crystals. These surfaces can sometimes trap tiny staining particles found in the dark foods and beverages you enjoy each day. If these minor surface stains are not cleared away in a timely manner, they can start to penetrate deep into the enamel, which can leave you with a deeply stained smile.

There are three types of teeth whitening systems available: by dentists done in-office, by dentists for at-home use, and over the counter. With a safe, effective tooth-whitening treatment, your result could last for over a year.

While over-the-counter options are definitely more convenient since you don’t have to schedule an appointment, they’re not as effective as in-office whitening is. This is because Dr. David Solomon has access to whitening gels that are far more powerful than what can be bought at the store.

In-office whitening is the safest and most effective. You can have your teeth whitened up to 10 shades. In addition, your gums are protected from the materials in the treatment. In many of the best whitening systems, there is a special feature that can actively protect tooth enamel from damage. The whitening trays are also custom fitted to your teeth, resulting in a much cleaner, tighter, whiter, and brighter result.

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