Root Canal Therapy May Be the Last Hope for a Decayed Tooth

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Undiagnosed and untreated tooth decay will continue to advance across a tooth until it has compromised the dental structure. You may begin to experience tooth sensitivity and dental pain as a result of bacteria infiltrating the nerve of the tooth. When tooth decay reaches the inner portion of the tooth, root canal therapy may be the only option to save the tooth.

Treatment for advanced tooth decay will need to be performed within a dental office. Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment that consists of removing the damaged portion of the tooth to preserve the healthy areas from needing to be removed. After the dental infection has been removed, our dentist will create a pillar-shaped abutment using the remaining tooth and a special dental material.

We will prepare to have a dental crown placed, which our professional dental lab will provide based on an impression of the size and shape of the tooth. Your dental crown is placed during a follow-up visit our office, where we cement the crown onto the abutment. You should find that the final result serves you well for several years in the event of optimal dental health.

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