Receive Dental Checkups, Not Cavities

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If you are suffering from persistent dental discomfort, you could be experiencing one of the common signs of a cavity affecting your tooth enamel. We encourage you to visit the dentist every six months to receive important dental checkups to detect any cavities before they deeply affect the tooth enamel and reach the vulnerable inner structures of the tooth. Visiting our dentist every six months allows us to prevent cavities and the dangers of extensive tooth damage.

When you visit Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C. for a dental exam and cleaning, we carefully evaluate your oral health to detect any symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease so that these conditions can be treated in the early stages, when treatment is conservative and less expensive. It is crucial that you not delay receiving treatment until a cavity becomes advanced enough to need a large dental filling, root canal therapy or tooth extraction.

You can recognize signs of a cavity such as:

– Sharp or throbbing tooth pain when you use the tooth to bite or chew
– Tooth sensitivity resulting from hot, cold or sweet food or cold air
– Visible fracture or chips in a tooth
– Dark areas in the tooth enamel

Our dentists, Drs. Solomon, Solomon and Solomon, and our team are eager to help you keep your smile in good health with regular dental checkups in Melrose, Massachusetts. If you are due for your next dental visit, please contact us at 781-665-5222 today to schedule an appointment.