Keys to Treating Oral Emergencies

Have you ever suffered an oral emergency before? Oral emergencies are accidents or injuries that take place in your facial area and often require visitation to a doctor or dentist. Listed below are common keys to help treat oral emergencies before professional help can be given: – If you have an item stuck in your… Read more »

Sleeping with a Dental Guard in Your Mouth Can Help Reduce TMJ Disorder Symptoms

Discomfort in the temporomandibular joints that hinge your mouth can have an adverse effect on your overall enjoyment of life. TMJ disorder often starts out with pain or discomfort in the joints or surrounding jaw muscles. This can include a dull ache around the temples or in front of the ears, as well as discomfort… Read more »

CEREC® Same-Day Crowns Are Crafted to Protect Your Smile

Do you have broken or damaged teeth that required a major restoration? If so, CEREC® dental crowns are an ideal option as they are designed to cap broken or damaged teeth and conceal them down to the gumline for full protection and functionality. In addition, CEREC dental crowns can be milled directly at your dentist’s… Read more »

What You Should Know About Dental Emergencies

What have you heard about dental emergencies? Do you know which emergencies need to be addressed as soon as possible? Similarly, do you know what you might want to put in an at home dental kit? Regardless of your situation, you should contact our dentist as soon as you possibly can. Still, there are several… Read more »

A Cavity Visible in Your Smile Might Be Repairable with a Composite Filling

Dr. and the staff at , , clinic understand just how much your smile’s appearance influences your self-esteem. When a cavity forms on one of the teeth in your smile, it can alter your appearance and cause several different forms of physical discomfort. With early diagnosis, Dr. can often repair a small cavity with a… Read more »

Thumb Sucking Is Bad for Your Child

Thumb-sucking in children is a completely natural part of growing up, but it is bad for their oral health. Prolonged thumb-sucking causes a child’s teeth to grow in improperly and even stunt the growth of their chompers. To ensure their future smile will be stellar, encourage your child to stop sucking their thumb as soon… Read more »

What Not to Use your Teeth For

Our teeth are some of the best tools we have to help us in myriad facets of life. However, it’s easy to get into the habit of using our teeth for jobs they were never meant for. This can cause some serious damage – even long-term damage – if you continue these bad habits. Let’s… Read more »

How to Protect Your Jaw Muscles

Your jaw is a masterpiece of muscles and joints. It is a vital part of your daily life, whether you are chewing your favorite food or talking to your best friend. As such, it deserves your attention and protection. Here follows a succinct explanation of the enigmatic acronym “TMJ” as well as tips on preventing… Read more »

A Fractured Tooth Might Need First Aid and Eventual Treatment

Your teeth are enrobed with a sheath of very durable tooth enamel. This is what gives your teeth the strength to chew and grind common foods. Unfortunately, there are times when an unnatural pressure can be applied to a tooth, causing the enamel to chip or fracture. This can be something as serious as an… Read more »

Why you need to protect your enamel

One of the most important safeguards in your body against tooth decay and infection is your enamel. This hard, outer layer of your teeth stop decay and infection in their tracks, giving you the peace of mind you need to know your teeth are in great shape. But what if you’re not doing enough to… Read more »