Modern Day Dentistry: Interdental Cleaners

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One of the key oral health risks to your smile consists of harmful plaque and bacteria eating through tooth enamel and causing cavities. In order to protect your smile, it is important to establish functional oral hygiene routines on a daily basis. This includes brushing and flossing every single day. Just as you should brush twice a day, you should also make sure to floss once a day. This is because flossing can reach areas in between teeth that brushing cannot. Depending on your oral health care needs and preferences, there are several different types of dental flossing products to choose from.

One of the longest established dental flossing products that has proven to be effective over the last few decades is dental floss. Dental floss features threaded loss products that can gently clean between teeth to remove any debris and plaque buildup. There are even types of thread called single filament thread that are shred-resistant and proven to floss effectively without the risks of tearing or fraying. However, if you struggle with traditional threaded floss, you can also try alternative products such as water flossers.

Water flossers are designed to clean your teeth without the use of thread. Instead, water flossers use beams of water to rinse out your mouth. They are just as effective as dental floss as they can easily clean between teeth as needed. If you are getting older, or if you have any injuries or joint pains that cause you issues and limitations with traditional floss, you may want to switch to an easier to operate tool such as a water flosser. In addition, water flossers are highly effective in situations where previous oral health procedures may hinder the ability for thread to fully clean out areas between teeth. In cases such as these, a water flosser can prove to be beneficial.

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