Make Sure Your Child’s Toothpaste Has Been Approved by the American Dental Association

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Helping your child prevent cavities and periodontal health problems is an important step in getting them started off right. You can start brushing and flossing all your child’s teeth as soon as they develop and emerge from the gums.

Consistency in your child’s daily routine will help keep them encouraged to brush twice a day and remember to floss every evening. Keeping the occasion upbeat and interesting will help keep them encouraged.

Providing your child with a themed toothbrush and specially formulated child-safe toothpaste might also help bolster their enthusiasm. Just make sure that all their oral care products have been earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The ADA’s logo can only be printed on products that have been tested and researched for safe and effective oral use.

Your child also needs to have a routine dental checkup administered by a dentists like Drs. David Solomon, Joseph Solomon, or  Jared Solomon twice a year. These outpatient appointments will help clean their teeth as well as detect any developing oral health problems. If necessary, he might recommend a preventive treatment to help address an issue before it worsens.

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