Cosmetic Bonding Can Help Improve a Compromised Tooth’s Appearance

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A chip or minor dental fracture on one of your teeth can leave you with an unappealing smile. Even if you can accept the cosmetic imperfection of the damaged tooth the compromised tooth enamel could come to foster a new cavity. In a situation like this, Dr. David Solomon might recommend a cosmetic bonding treatment to seal the damaged tooth.

This can help to prevent a new cavity from developing, while also restoring the appearance of your smile. At the initial consultation, Dr. David Solomon will inspect the tooth to assess the severity of the damage. This might also involve taking x-rays of the area.

Cosmetic bonding is a relatively simple treatment where a durable resin material is applied to the area. Dr. [doctor_naem] will use a shade guide to find just the right color to match the natural enamel of the damaged tooth.

Dr. David Solomon will them lightly etch the tooth to provide a tactile surface to bond the resin. The cosmetic bonding material is then applied and hardened using ultraviolet light. Dr. David Solomon will then shape, contour, and polish the tooth to match seamlessly with your natural enamel.

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