CEREC® Same-Day Crowns Are Crafted to Protect Your Smile

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Do you have broken or damaged teeth that required a major restoration? If so, CEREC® dental crowns are an ideal option as they are designed to cap broken or damaged teeth and conceal them down to the gumline for full protection and functionality. In addition, CEREC dental crowns can be milled directly at your dentist’s office without the need to wait for them to arrive from a lab.

CEREC crowns are milled on state of the art computer equipment by your dentist for a fully customized look and feel designed to give your teeth the maximum level of protection. If your dentist wishes to make any alterations and changes, they can do so via the computer. This helps ensure the tightest and safest fit possible for your crown.

CEREC technology can also be used in other tooth restoration procedures including for treating cavities. If a dental filling is required, the materials in CEREC can be used to craft a filling that is both tooth-colored and more durable than standard composites.

If you would like to discuss a CEREC treatment with Dr. David Solomon and the rest of our team here at Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C., please schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in Melrose, Massachusetts. Our number is 781-665-5222. The path to a healthy smile starts today!